Fingerprints on paper   
Form C-216 or USA form

  30$ (tax included)

 Digital Fingerprints
Electronic process to RCMP 

50$ (tax included)
Immigration and Realibility Screening

 Digital Fingerprints
25$ RCMP fee included

  60$ (tax included)
Work, Visa, Waiver, Pardon, CGP


Digital or Ink Fingerprints                                        30 $ (tax included)
Original fingerprints on paper

Can be done on the RCMP fingerprint form C-216 or FBI- USA fingerprint form

Most commonly used for:  

  FBI criminal record searches and USA criminal record checks
  Haiti criminal record search or other countries
  Fingerprints for international criminal record searches
  Canada Post employment application,
  Reability Screening security clearances

Electronic Fingerprinting Process                               50$ (tax included)
Digital Fingerprinting with submission to RCMP (direct electronic processing)

Most commonly used for: 

  Fingerprints for Citizenship and Immigration
  Criminal record searches for immigration applications
  Federal employment
  Volunteer work ( with a letter confirming volunteer position )
  Realibility Screening Application to Public Works Canada


 Electronic Fingerprinting
 With 25 $ RCMP fee included                                         60$ (tax included)
                                                        Most commonly used for: 

   For Canadian pardons, waivers,
   Good conduct certificate
   RCMP Certificate with fingerprints
   Certified Criminal Record
   International visa application, USA waiver
   International Adoption
   Controled Goods Program (CGD)


We provided highly reliable digital fingerprinting services using the cutting edge technology. Your fingerprints will be taken by courteous professionals and the whole procedure shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes.

The fingerprints along with your data are sent via secure link to Canadian Criminal Real Time Information System (CCRTIS) – a division of RCMP.

In case were the applicant doesn’t have a criminal record on file, RCMP will process the fingerprints under 72 hours and then mail them to the indicated address. However, if there is a criminal record, RCMP may take as long as 120 days to process the application.

No appointment is necessary to take fingerprints. But you must bring two of following identifications with you, see accepted identifications list below

Accepted Identifications:

Drivers License
Citizenship Card
Permanent Resident Card
Work Permits
Government ID
Medical Card with a Photo
Birth Certificate
Record of Landing
Student Permits

In addition in certain cases following documents are necessary:
It is recommended that applicants have their file number or the letter that requests the fingerprints. (Especially important for applicants for citizenship, you should bring the letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada with the CIC File number.)