Good Conduct Certificates

Good Conduct Certificate    40$

(without vulnerable sector)

Good Conduct Certificate also named police checks, police certificate, CPICs, criminal background check, criminal record check and police clearances. A police certificate is a declaration of the absence of any criminal record.

Police clearance is performed using only your name and date of birth. The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes and the results can be obtained as fast as 48 hours. The results will not list any offence it will say only “approved” or “rejected”.

***Discounts available for businesses.

Most commonly used for:

  • Most employment applications
  • Truck drivers job applications
  • Driving school personnel, certificate accepted by SAAQ
  • Barreau du Quebec
  • Pharmaceutical workers


A positive or negative confirmation of person’s criminal record can only be done through submission of fingerprints.

If you have a criminal record, or you need the Good Conduct Certificate for Immigration, waiver or visa than you need to submit fingerprints to receive you certified criminal record check from RCMP. 

Please bring 2 of accepted identification.

Accepted Identifications:

Drivers License
Citizenship Card
Permanent Resident Card
Work Permits
Government ID
Medical Card with a Photo
Birth Certificate
Record of Landing
Student Permits