Record Suspension Info

If you have been convicted of crime in Canada or your record was transferred to Canada you can apply for a record suspension after you have completed all of your sentences AND after a waiting period as set out in the Criminal Records Act (CRA) has been finished. 

Record Suspension Center provides the following services
Fingerprinting for Canadian Pardon - record suspension application
Collection of supporting documents
Complition of the Canadian Pardon - record suspension application

"The Canadian Human Rights Act forbids discrimination based on a pardoned conviction. This includes services a person needs or the opportunity to work."
If you have waited the required time period after the sentence was completed, and if you have all the proper supporting documents and have been of good conduct, the federal government will grant you a record suspension – Canadian Pardon.
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Why should I get a Criminal Record Suspension – Pardon Canada?
Individuals with a criminal record are often at a serious disadvantage when competing for employment, job promotion, volunteer work, getting bonded, apartment rental or buying a condo, child custody, adoption, mortgage approval and educational opportunities. A criminal record also impedes foreign travel, including travel to the U.S., and often prevents people from obtaining Canadian Permanent Resident Status and Canadian Citizenship.
A record suspension allows people who were convicted of a criminal offence, but have completed their sentence and demonstrated they are law-abiding citizens, to have their criminal record kept separate and apart from other criminal records.

Careers that Require a Criminal Record Search
Often, an employer must conduct a record search because the law requires that they do. Examples where criminal record searches are conducted include:

casino employees
insurance brokers
collection agents
day care workers
investment advisors
car dealers
truck drivers
taxi cab / limousine drivers
bank employees
police officers
security guards
funeral directors
school teachers
any government office


My criminal record has not affected my life yet. Why do I need a Canadian Pardon?
More and more companies check criminal record, countries change their border regulations for people that have a criminal record. Even if your criminal record has not affected your life yet there is a good chance that someday it will. We strongly recommend that anyone with a criminal record obtain a record suspension. Our society strongly encourages rehabilitation; you should take advantage of the possibility that in Canada it is possible to get a your criminal record suspended.

I was told that criminal record  automatically disappears after 10 years. Is that true?
No. Criminal convictions are not automatically destroyed or sealed. The individual must take steps to have their record removed.

What is the difference among a record suspension and a file destruction/purge?
When a person is found guilty and convicted of an offence they require a record suspension - Canadian Pardon. The record, including fingerprints, photographs, and RCMP report and court records are then sealed, and never opened unless the individual is subsequently charged with a criminal offence.

File destructions and purges apply to records where an individual was accused, fingerprinted and/or attended criminal court, but not convicted. In the case of file destructions and purges your fingerprints and photographs will be destroyed and proof of this provided.

I was fingerprinted when I was charged. Why do I need to be fingerprinted again?
Fingerprints are sent to the RCMP for certification. The RCMP matches the individual’s fingerprints to his/her criminal record. Since your fingerprints are unique this process ensures that the right criminal record is being erased.

What are the limitations of a record suspension?
A record suspension does not erase the fact that a person was convicted of an offence.
A record suspension does not guarantee entry or visa privileges to another country.
If a person was pardoned for sexual offense, the record will be kept separate and apart, but their name will be flagged. This means a person will be asked to let employers see their record if this person wants to work with children or with groups that are vulnerable because of their age or disability.
A sentence may have included various prohibition orders imposed under the Criminal Code, such as a driving or firearms prohibition, they will not be canceled.