Are you Eligible for a Criminal Record Suspension?

If you have been convicted of (a) crime(s) in Canada or your record was transferred to Canada, you can apply for a record suspension at the Parole Board of Canada after you have completed all of your sentences AND after a certain waiting period, as set out in the Criminal Records Act.

Our agency prepares all the necessary steps to obtain a record suspension ( Canadian Pardon). This service includes the following: 

To find out more about getting a criminal record suspension and to get started on the process, contact us today. 

Requirements For A Criminal Record Suspension

As stated on the Parole Board of Canada website, you can apply for a Record Suspension if you: 

To apply for a record suspension, you must have completed all of your sentences, which includes:

After completing all of your sentences, you must have completed a waiting period: 

Victim surcharges imposed under section 737 of the Criminal Code on or after October 24, 2013 and on or before December 13, 2018 will not be considered in determining eligibility for a record suspension.

Who is not eligible for a record suspension? 

You are not eligible for a record suspension if you have been convicted of: 

If you are unsure as to your eligibility for criminal record suspension please contact us so that we can help determine eligibility – and begin the process should you be eligible for a criminal record suspension.