Paper Fingerprinting for Background Checks Outside Canada

The C-216c form is the standard Canadian form used for fingerprinting. This is a form that we have by default in our system in electronic format. We will take your digital fingerprints, which will be placed on the C-126c form automatically. We will then print out the form with your fingerprints.

Most commonly used for background checks from the following countries:

… and many other countries that require paper-based fingerprints for a criminal background check.

Fingerprints Taken on Paper and Submitted to RCMP Electronically

If you need a background check from Canada, we will automatically send your fingerprints to the RCMP on the electronic C-216 form. You do not need to bring any paper form with you. See RCMP fingerprinting page. The fingerprint form is sent by mail by yourself to designated authorities to perform a criminal record search. To obtain a police certificate from Haiti, the original fingerprint form should be taken to the Haitian consulate in order to legalize the form. Please bring with you a piece of identification when requesting paper fingerprints.

C-216c Ink Fingerprints on Paper Form Fees



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Form C-216c or FD-258

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FAQ for C-216 Fingerprints 

Yes. At Fingerprinting Place Versailles in Montreal, we have honed our expertise in fingerprinting over many years. Whereas ink (a.k.a. “rolled”) fingerprints used to be standard, electronic fingerprinting is now considered more accurate and is widely held in higher regard. That’s why, in cases such as the C-216 paper fingerprint form (which is the standard paper fingerprint form in Canada), we take fingerprints digitally (via electronic system) and then print them out on an official C-216 paper fingerprint form. These are widely accepted by the countries asking for paper fingerprint forms (Haiti, Mexico, Iran, etc.). Electronic fingerprints have less room for error and are considered more accurate than ink. In this case you get the best of both worlds: Electronically captured (accurate) fingerprints, printed on a paper fingerprint form as requested by the authority to whom you are sending your fingerprints for a background check or criminal record check.

Ink fingerprints, also called rolled fingerprints, were the standard in fingerprinting for many, many years. In the ink fingerprinting process there was always a certain margin of error, even among expert, experienced fingerprint agencies in Montreal and elsewhere. Ink fingerprints can be applied evenly in places, potentially missing a spot here or applying the ink too heavily there, etc. As fingerprinting technology evolved, LiveScan or electronic fingerprinting became more common, and eventually became the norm in fingerprinting. That’s why, even when a “paper” fingerprinting form (such as the C-216 fingerprinting form) is required, we take the fingerprints electronically for more accuracy and precision, then print the fingerprints onto the C-216 paper fingerprinting form.

No. We capture your fingerprints electronically, print them out on an official C-216 paper fingerprint form, and then give the C-216 form to you. It is up to you to send this form to the government or agency who will conduct your record check or background check. In the case of Haiti, for example, you would take the C-216 paper fingerprint form to the Consulate of Haiti so that they can legalize the form and process your record check from that point. As each country or authority has its own requirements, we cannot send the form on to them.

At Fingerprinting Place Versailles, we take privacy and security seriously and we hold this as a top priority. All our staff are screened for their professionalism and their commitment to client confidentiality. All records and client files we handle are strictly confidential. We do not keep copies of your fingerprints in our record for a length of time nor would we ever share or send your fingerprints to anyone. Once you have the C-216 paper fingerprint form in your possession, it is yours to do with as you need. We highly encourage our clientele to safeguard their fingerprints. Should you wish to keep a copy of your C-216 paper fingerprint form, please make sure it is stored in a safe place. Please safeguard your fingerprints while in your possession, and make sure they are only handed to a trusted authority (e.g. a consulate, embassy or trusted postal or package service).

We required you to bring two pieces of government-issued identification before we process your fingerprints and print them onto the C-216 paper fingerprint form. This ID can include two of the following: Driver license, passport, health card, citizenship card, PR card, work permit, study permit, record of landing, birth certificate and Refugee Protection Claimant Documents. Any government issued ID that has not expired – that is what we are looking for. Should you have any questions regarding ID or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out to Fingerprinting Place Versailles in Montreal.