Waiver fees

USA Waiver Application – Form I-192 :

US waiver application is a special permission to enter the United States for people that had been refused entry on the grounds of

  • Criminal Record or arrests
  • If you have been deported from USA or overstayed a previous period of admissibility
  • If you have entered or resided illegally in the USA


Priority Treatment Waiver USA


Regular Treatment Waiver USA


The Waiver Center assembles your waiver application from A to Z. We will cover all of the fees associated in assembling the American waiver application. We have on site fingerprinting facility; therefore your waiver file can be processed in as little as one appointment.

Application Fees Included

Fees Not Included/Paid Separately

  • Electronic Fingerprints
  • RCMP fees
  • Court fees
  • Pardon Certification fees
  • Translation to English
  • Mailing
  • Photocopying
  • Taxes associated
  • Fingerprint
    (if not processed in our office)
  • USA Government fee for issuing the waiver (in 2012 585 $ US). The fee is paid directly in the USA filling offices via a credit card, cash or money order.


The waiver is giving for a period from 1 to 5 years. The length of the period depends on many factors, such as evidence on the part of the person that they have rehabilitated and the extent of the criminal record. Pardon and Waiver Center excels at presenting application to the Department of Home Land Security to maximize your chances at receiving the 5 year waiver. The advantage of using our services is that we will present your situation in best possible light to maximize your chances at receiving the 5 year waiver.

The approximate RCMP processing of the certified criminal record request is 48 hours or 120 days if a criminal record is active in the system and depends on the amount of the applications in the system. Our fingerprinting facility is RCMP accredited to submit fingerprints electronically directly to the treatment center in Ottawa. We have the most technically advanced equipment available and the processing time are the shortest possible.

The processing time of the USA I-192 waiver application by The Pardon and Waiver Center depends on many factors, such as, the nature of the infraction, the court handling the case, if a search of the archives would be necessary, on the amount of application, and if additional information and treatment would be required. The processing time by our center can be advanced for the Priority Package.