US Waiver

US I-192 Application Process

The U.S.A. waiver I-192 application is a special permission to enter the United States for people that have been refused entry on the grounds of:

Our office provides file preparation through E-Safe. We compile all necessary documentation for your US waiver application. Fees for this service start at $380. Please see the steps to follow below.

Waiver Appointment with US Authorities & Waiting Time

We will set up an appointment for you at one of the U.S. Customs ports of entry, where you will give your documents and submit fingerprints to FBI.

Afterwards, you must wait for an answer from the United States Processing Center, which normally takes between 4 and 6 months. The waiver is usually issued for a period that varies between one to five years. The time is determined by the processing agent that assesses the risks of recurrence of the offense(s) having made you inadmissible originally. A well-prepared waiver package gives you the best possible chances of receiving the maximum time period in your particular situation.

Application & Processing Fees for the US Waiver

Effective April 1st, 2024, The Fees Are As Follows:

275$ Application Fees Included :

Special Permission to Enter the United States 

The U.S.A. waiver I-192 application is a special permission to enter the United States for people that have been refused entry on the grounds of:

Empreintes Digitales Place Versailles’ Pardon and Waiver Processing Center offers a preparation service for the waiver application. We prepare all required documentation for your record suspension application. The fees for this service are $275 (includes fingerprinting fees if taken at our office).

Steps to Complete a US Waiver Appointment

Fingerprinting, Record Checks
and More, with Accuracy & Speed

Whether you need fingerprints for a background check, a criminal record check, USA waiver or a criminal pardon, we are here to help.

FAQ About US Waivers

The I-192 is the US government application for a waiver to enter the United States. The I-192 application is a waiver used by the United States to grant advance permission for a person to enter the US as a non-immigrant. It is specifically for individuals who are applying for ‘T’ or ‘U’ status in the US or were previously deemed inadmissible by US immigration and now have proper documentation.

Most Canadians can enter the United States without a visa. However, there are instances where a person attempting to enter the US is denied entry at a US airport, land border crossing or sea port. In these cases, they will often ask the traveller to submit additional documentation in support of their application to enter this US – this is the I-192.

It does. Criminal record may, in fact, have been the reason you were denied entry into the United States in the first place. If you do not have a criminal record, it’s possible that a similar name in their database raised a flag. In such cases, it can often suffice to have a RCMP fingerprint-based criminal record check to show a clean record – along with all other documentation and supporting records asked of you. The criminal pardon or criminal record suspension (which we can help facilitate) can also be part of the I-192 application process.

Only you can determine whether the USA waiver is worth your time, energy and investment. If you are looking to travel in the US and have been denied entry, the USA waiver can become a necessity. For those who have family or friends in the US whom they want to see, the time and effort can pay off. Or maybe you own a home or property in the US – again, it’s possibly worth viewing as part of your investment to get the USA waiver. 

The I-192 is considered a form and process for non-immigrants. Thus if you are looking to live in the United States, e.g. as a student, worker or permanent resident, this is not the process you are looking for.