Criminal Record Check

RCMP Police Certificate for People Living Abroad

For people residing outside of Canada that require a Canadian criminal background check, it is necessary to submit fingerprints to the Canadian federal police – RCMP for comparison. We offer the service of converting paper fingerprints into electronic format and submitting to the RCMP for processing. The fees for the international RCMP check are $150 Can + fees.


Standard Authentication by Department of Foreign Affairs/Global Affairs

Document legalization by an embassy

Note: Almost ALL embassies require that certificates be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada before being legalized.

To start, please communicate with us by e-mail at or writing below. We will e-mail you instructions and communicate/follow-up by e-mail. The steps are:

Steps to obtain RCMP police certificate when outside of Canada

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Whether you need fingerprints for a background check, a criminal record check, USA waiver or a criminal pardon, we are here to help.

FAQ About International Criminal Record Check

A private enterprise, Fingerprinting Place Versailles in Montreal is accredited by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the national law enforcement agency for Canada) for electronic fingerprinting in conjunction with Canadian criminal record checks conducted by the RCMP in its database called the CCRTIS (Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Service). We are a privately owned fingerprinting agency, independently operated, that is considered by many to be a trusted partner in obtaining fingerprint-based criminal record checks and other background checks & related services. The RCMP has granted us accreditation to submit electronic fingerprints for its certified Canadian criminal records checks, as we have passed a number of standards considered by the RCMP as necessary to be an accredited agency to perform electronic fingerprints accurately and securely.

Typically, the RCMP can turn around fingerprints and come back with a “clean” record (no match for criminal record in its CCRTIS database of Canadian criminal records) within 48 business hours. They then send the results by mail within Canada, so the time it arrives back to you (provided you are located in Canada) can vary depending on mail volume, distance, etc. If you are outside of Canada, the RCMP would mail the results back to our office, and we would send them on to you. If the RCMP, in its fingerprint-based record check, should find a match of your fingerprints in its database, they could take up to 120 days (ore even more in some instances) to process your fingerprints and conduct the background check.

The RCMP’s fingerprint-based criminal record check is a secure process. The systems used by the RCMP are of the highest security levels and are constantly being enhanced and monitored. The link we use to submit your fingerprints to the RCMP is also very secure. At our end, at Fingerprinting Place Versailles, we take privacy and security seriously and we hold this as a top priority. All our staff are screened for their professionalism and their commitment to client confidentiality. All records and client files we handle are strictly confidential.

If you can mail it to us, we can mail it back to you… it’s all set! No matter where you are located – Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America or the Middle East – we can help you get your Canadian certified criminal record check from the RCMP. It’s true that mail/delivery times will vary from location to location, and on volume of international shipments, Canadian customs, etc. These days, however, we’re equipped to handle Canadian background checks and criminal record checks for people living around the world. Whether you are a Canadian expat or you used to live in Canada / have spent a significant amount of time in Canada… if you need a criminal record check and need to cover the years you lived in Canada, we can help.

As every country does fingerprinting differently, we can’t list it all here. Depending on where you are located, we’ll communicate with you once the process has started and in some cases be able to provide links or directions. Your best bet is to check with the Canadian embassy or consulate that covers the country or locality, as they often have updated information. You can also Google “where to get fingerprints in _____,” though we cannot vouch for the information you see in the search results. In many countries, fingerprinting is conducted by the police service. It’s always best to check with the police station, government authority or agency before proceeding to their location for fingerprinting, to double-check days and hours of operation and other necessary details.