How Getting Your Criminal Record Expunged Can Help

There are many reasons why one would choose to clear his or her criminal record in Canada. A Criminal Pardon can help with employment, career advancement and many other areas.

Getting a Job

Many employers are now conducting police clearance searches before hiring. By signing an application form or an employment agreement, you may be giving your employer permission to conduct a criminal record search. A record will hinder your chances to gain employment.

Losing a Job

Even if you have worked for the same employer for several years, you are not protected against future criminal record search requests within your company. You may lose your job if you have not removed your record prior to a search.

More Reasons To Clear Your Criminal Record


People who are self-employed are not immune to criminal record search requirements. Many companies who sub-contract to individuals or to small businesses are now requiring criminal record searches to be conducted on the employees and the owners of the business. This is especially true in situations where the independent contractor will have access to confidential information or will be working with vulnerable people, such as children. Computer programmers, accountants and nannies are just three examples of careers where criminal record searches are popular. For government contracting, employees are now always required to do a reliability screening.

Career Advancement

Many companies that never before required criminal record searches are now doing so in cases where employees have applied for internal job promotions. Discovery of a record may not only hinder your opportunity for career advancement within the company, but may also lead to being fired. 

Ability to be Bonded

Being bonded means that the employer has paid insurance against the risk of employees committing crimes, such as theft. Most people are insurable, but it may cost a company more to insure you if you have a criminal record. If having you bonded is too expensive for the employer, you will not be hired. 

Careers That Require a Background Check – And Need a Criminal Pardon

In many cases, an employer must conduct a record search because the law requires that they do. Examples where criminal record searches are conducted include: 

If you are seeking employment in any of these fields (and in many others) and you have a criminal record, you would need to clear your record with a criminal pardon before becoming eligible for employment. 

Other Benefits of Criminal Pardons 

Immigration to Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) often rejects refugee, permanent residence and citizenship applications, and sometimes deports people with criminal records.

Custody of Your Children

Custody of your children and visitation rights can be reduced or eliminated if you have a criminal record.


Proof of absence of criminal record is required for anyone applying to volunteer. Most organizations will not allow you to volunteer if you have a criminal record. 

Apartment Rental

Rental application forms may require a criminal record declaration. It can be difficult to rent a home, apartment, etc. if you have a record. 


Many educational programs require criminal background checks. 

Peace of mind

Most people are consciously or subconsciously distressed by past criminal records. Removing your criminal record is a large part of removing the stigma and shame associated with a criminal past. 

Entering the United States

It is illegal to attempt to enter the United States with a criminal record (for certain types of offenses), unless you have appropriate immigration status or a waiver.