Livescan Electronic Fingerprinting Sent to the RCMP

Our agency is equipped with a hi-tech Livescan fingerprinting system to provide fast, secure and reliable services. Livescan fingerprinting is a technological development that has made it possible to capture and transmit fingerprints electronically. Your fingerprints will be taken electronically by our technicians. The fingerprints along with your data will be electronically submitted via secure link to the RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time-Information System (CCRTIS) division located in Ottawa, Ontario.

RCMP Conducts Canadian Criminal Background Checks

The RCMP will conduct a background check based on your fingerprints within 48 business hours and mail the results to your address (or other address if indicated) by regular mail. As this is being mailed from Ottawa, you must allow Canada Post’s inter-province mailing delay; it will take between 1 and 2 weeks. However, if you have a criminal record, the RCMP may take as long as 120 days to process your fingerprints and conduct the background check (plus mailing delay). For people residing abroad (outside of Canada) requiring an RCMP background check, please see the International RCMP check page.

RCMP Livescan Fingerprinting Fees



Fingerprint submission to RCMP (Immigration to Canada, reliability screening, federal government employment, ) $60 (tax included)
Fingerprint submission to RCMP (Visa, I-192 USA waiver, record suspension or pardon application, employment, licences, etc.) $80 (RCMP's $25 fee included)

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FAQ for RCMP Fingerprinting Services

Fingerprinting Place Versailles in Montreal is accredited by the RCMP for LiveScan fingerprinting to be used in conducting Canadian criminal record checks against the RCMP’s database called the CCRTIS (Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Service). We are an independent fingerprinting agency that is considered by many to be a trusted partner in obtaining fingerprint-based criminal record checks and other background checks & related services.

Typically, the RCMP can turn around fingerprints and come back with a “clean” record (no match for criminal record in its CCRTIS database of Canadian criminal records) within 48 business hours. They then send the results by mail within Canada, so the time it arrives back to you (provided you are located in Canada) can vary depending on mail volume, distance, etc. If you are outside of Canada, the RCMP would mail the results back to our office, and we would send them on to you. If the RCMP, in its fingerprint-based record check, should find a match of your fingerprints in its database, they could take up to 120 days (ore even more in some instances) to process your fingerprints and conduct the background check.

LiveScan is the gold standard in fingerprinting today. This refers to the electronic fingerprinting technique used by government and law enforcement agencies in capturing fingerprints by digital means and comparing against fingerprints in electronic databases. It is not only considered equally as “good” or “legit” as traditional ink fingerprints, Live Scan is actually preferred in many cases and required in some – particularly by the RCMP for the certified Canadian criminal record check.

The RCMP’s fingerprint-based criminal record check is a secure process. The systems used by the RCMP are of the highest security levels and are constantly being enhanced and monitored. The link we use to submit your fingerprints to the RCMP is also very secure. At our end, at Fingerprinting Place Versailles, we take privacy and security seriously and we hold this as a top priority. All our staff are screened for their professionalism and their commitment to client confidentiality. All records and client files we handle are strictly confidential.

That’s the beauty of the RCMP fingerprint-based criminal record check. Whereas name-based criminal record checks (e.g. the CPIC Check) use a database to compare name and date of birth, the RCMP certified Canadian criminal record check uses your unique set of fingerprints to check against its database of fingerprints associated with criminal records. The chances of two having identical fingerprints are said to be in the range of one in 64 trillion. That’s why law enforcement agencies and government authorities have accepted fingerprints as the standard of checking criminal records.